Robert Battaglia

Robert Battaglia awarded 2020 RNA Society Scaringe Graduate Student Award

Robert BattagliaRobert Battaglia has been awarded a prestigious 2020 RNA Society Scaringe Graduate Student Award.  Bob works in the lab of Ailong Ke.  See more about this award on the RNA Society website.  The award is to recognize outstanding accomplishments by young investigators and to encourage the best and the brightest to continue contributing to the field of RNA science.

Bob’s research project on tRNA decoding and aminoacylation sensing mechanism by T-box riboregulators has been published on-line in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology.  Read the article here.

Yi Wen working in lab

Yi Wen wins Mann Award for HIV Research

Yi Wen, graduate student in the labs of Gerald Feigenson and Volker Vogt, has been chosen as the recipient of the 2018 Harry and Samuel Mann Outstanding Graduate Student Award for her research which is aimed at containing HIV.  Literally.  Read more about Yi Wen’s research and award here.