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Saket Bagde

Saket Bagde receives accolades for his research

Saket BagdeSaket Bagde (Class of 2018) was awarded the 2022 LPS Best Paper Award at the Molecular Biology & Genetics Awards Ceremony.  His paper “Modular polyketide synthase contains two reaction chambers that operate asynchronously” also received the ASCB Porter Prize for Research Excellence; he presented his research at the 2022 meeting in Washington, D.C.  Read this ground-breaking paper here.

Ravi Patel

Ravi Patel receives Wellnitz Award for paper in Nucleic Acids Research

Ravi PatelRavi Patel, a graduate student in the Grimson lab (and recent graduate) received the Wellnitz Award for their paper in Nucleic Acids Research. They have developed an experimental approach, Combined Analysis of RNA-seq and PRO-seq (CARP), to disentangle microRNA-mediated gene regulatory networks. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) regulate key biological processes by modulating the expression of direct targets: messenger RNAs that are physically bound by miRNAs. In addition to these direct targets, miRNAs also elicit a downstream cascade of changes triggered by the altered levels of the direct targets: indirect targets. These direct and indirect targets together form complex gene regulatory networks, which are extremely difficult to decipher using existing techniques. CARP enabled the authors to identify the true direct targets of microRNAs, and their indirect targets. Thus, Patel et al are able to reveal the regulatory networks controlled by miRNAs with significantly improved precision. Read more about their work here.
CARP graphical abstract figure