Gwen Beacham receives ASCB Porter Prize for Research Excellence

Gwen BeachamGwen Beacham (Class of 2015) has been awarded the American Society for Cell Biology Porter Prize for Research Excellence.  The selection for this award is based on “individual contributions to the advancement of science and on the novelty and creativity of their findings”.   Gwen is in the lab of Gunther Hollopeter in the Department of Molecular Medicine.  Her thesis project centers on clathrin-mediated endocytosis, a process that enables eukaryotic cells to internalize transmembrane surface receptors. “I am interested in learning how the clathrin adaptor AP2 is regulated to ensure that endocytosis occurs with precision. Through my research, I have found that the protein called NECAP functions as a negative regulator of AP2.”

For more information about the ASCB Porter award, go to the ASCB web site.