BMCB supports students and applicants from Puerto Rico

The Field of BMCB joins the rest of the Cornell Community in offering support to students and applicants from Puerto Rico who continue the process of recovering from Hurricane Maria.  Faculty in the Field are participating in the Cornell University academic haven initiative for students from the University of Puerto Rico.   Additionally, recognizing the difficulty involved in taking the GRE test, the Field of BMCB is suspending this requirement for applicants from Puerto Rico.

Dr. Scott Emr

Scott Emr to Deliver 2017 Porter Lecture at the Annual ASCB/EMBO meeting in Philadelphia

Dr. Scott D. Emr has been chosen to give the 2017 Keith Porter Lecture at the ASCB/EMBO Meeting that will take place in December 2017 in Philadelphia.  He is the Frank H.T. Rhodes Class of 1956 Professor of Molecular Biology & Genetics as well as the Director of the Weill Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology since it opened in 2007.  The full article on Dr. Emr and this important lecture is found on the ASCB site.

Maria Liberti

Maria Liberti awarded National Cancer Institute F99/K00 Fellowship

Maria Liberti (2013) was awarded a Predoctoral to Postdoctoral Fellowship from the NCI entitled “Metabolic and Genetic Heterogeneity in Cancer”. Her PhD work has focused on therapeutic targeting of enzymes that differentially regulate the Warburg Effect – a form of glucose metabolism commonly observed in cancers – and determining the anti-tumor efficacy. Thus far, her studies have shown that the current understanding of cancer therapy likely requires knowledge encoded at the metabolic level to predict therapeutic response. Current work focuses on characterizing resistance mechanisms to glycolysis inhibition to develop combination therapies and better understand the requirements of the Warburg Effect. For her postdoctoral work, she plans to study differences in tumor microenvironment settings to unravel the molecular components contributing to tumor heterogeneity.

Debadrita Bhattacharya, wins “Best Poster” at the Cornell Stem Cell Symposium

Debadrita Bhattacharya, a second year student in the Simoes-Costa Lab, won “Best Poster” at the Cornell Stem Cell Symposium. Her poster was on “the pluripotency factor Lin28A modulates the neural crest gene regulatory network”.

Aravind Sivakumar, PhD, wins best trainee talk at the International Conference on Hyaluronan

Aravind Sivakumar, a recent PhD graduate of the Kurpios lab, won the best trainee talk at the International Conference on Hyaluronan (ISHAS).  He was also the recipient of the Mark Lauer Award, presented at the ISHAS.

BMCB student Laura Thomas awarded 2017 LPS Best Paper

BMCB student Laura Thomas of the Fromme lab was awarded the 2017 Laboratory Product Sales Best Paper award for her JCB paper: GTPase cross talk regulates TRAPPII activation of Rab11 homologues during vesicle biogenesis.  PMID: 27872253