Career Development

Training in scientific research opens up many career paths.  Some students want to become tenure-track professors, but others want something different; career choices are as individual as our students are.  The Field of BMCB recognizes the diversity of student goals and opportunities and encourages exploration of the myriad of careers open to our students.

A “Careers Course” is included in the mini-courses that are offered to our students.  Participants in this course are typically Cornell graduates who share how their training and degree helped them pursue their chosen career path.

BMCB students are also active participants in Cornell University career development programs such as the CIRTL Program (Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning which focuses on an academic career path and BEST program (Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training) program, which encourages exploration of alternate career paths.

The Graduate School Career Guide provides a list of resources and events for graduate students as they plan for their post-graduation career.  Cornell Career Services provides resources for exploring career options, job opportunities and advise.  The Office of Postdoctoral Studies provides information and services for those students who would like to pursue a postdoc position.