Career Outcomes of BMCB Graduates

The Graduate School Career Guide provides a list of resources and events for graduate students and the Office of Postdoctoral Studies provides information and services for those students who would like to pursue a postdoc position.

The majority of our graduates get a postdoctoral position in a university after graduating.  However, some find employment in government, law and the private sector.

What some BMCB alumni are doing now

Shaogeng "Steven" TangBMCB Class of 2016 | Emr LabJane Coffin Childs Postdoc, Kim Lab, Stanford
Jon PaczkowskiBMCB Class of 2014 | Fromme LabJane Coffin Childs Postdoc, Bassler Lab, Princeton
Patrice OhouoBMCB Class for 2013 | Smolka LabScientist, National Toxicology Center Drug Testing Laboratory
Hojoong KwakBMCB Class of 2013 | Lis LabAssistant Professor, Cornell MBG department
Gizem RizkiBMCB Class of 2011 | Lee LabScientist, Rubin Lab, Harvard University
Aaron PlysBMCB Class of 2011 | Alani LabPostdoc, Kingston Lab, Harvard Medical School
Shamoni MaheshwariBMCB Class of 2011 | Barbash Lab10X Genomics
Petya KrastevaBMCB Class of 2010 | Sondermann LabFaculty, Institut de Biologie Intégrative de la Cellule (Paris)
Lavanya VasudevanBMCB Class of 2009 | Baird / Holowka LabResearch Scholar, Duke Global Health Institute
Sarah ZimmerBMCB Class of 2008 | Stern LabAssistant Professor, University of Minnesota Medical school, Duluth
Kate SacktonBMCB Class of 2008 | Wolfner LabScientist, Akrivis Technologies
Mike HayesBMCB Class of 2008 | Hanson LabAssistant Professor, Cal State LA
Montserrat AnguerraBMCB Class of 2004 | Stover LabAssistant Professor, UPenn Veterinary Medicine
Thomas SantangeloBMCB Class of 2003 | Roberts LabAssociate Professor, Colorado State University
Jing YuBMCB Class of 2001 | Wolfner LabAssociate Professor, UVA School of Medicine
Dave ReczekBMCB Class of 1998 | Bretscher LabAssociate Professor, UVA School of MedicineDirector, Biologics Research Discovery, Genzyme
P. Jeremy WangBMCB Class of 1997 | Huffaker LabProfessor, Upenn
Danielle PasqualoneBMCB Class of 1996 | Huffaker LabExecutive Director, Intellectual Property at Five Prime Therapeutics
Jun "Kelly" LiuBMCB Class of 1996 | Wolfner LabProfessor, Cornell MBG department
Beth DreesBMCB Class of 1995 | Bretscher LabTechnology and Venture Commericialization, University of Utah
Eldora EllisonBMCB Class of 1994 | Vogt LabDirector, Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein, Fox Law Firm
Renee Reijo PeraBMCB Class of 1993 | Huffaker LabVP of Research, Montana State University
Julio MuleroBMCB Class of 1993 | Fox LabSenior Staff Scientist, LIFE Technologies
Lance Stewart BMCB Class of 1992 | Vogt LabSenior Director of Strategy, Institute for Protein Design
Kermit CarrawayBMCB Class of 1992 | Cerione LabProfessor, UC Davis
Ann RougvieBMCB Class of 1989 | Lis LabProfessor, UMN
David GilmourBMCB Class of 1984 | Lis LabProfessor, Penn State
Sue WesslerBMCB Class of 1980 | Calvo LabProfessor, UC Riverside
Nancy CraigBMCB Class of 1980 | Roberts LabProfessor, Johns Hopkins
Chris AkeyBMCB Class of 1980 | Edelstein LabProfessor, Boston University
Barbara BairdBMCB Class of 1979 | Hammes LabProfessor and Assistant Dean, Cornell CCB department
Jack SzostakBMCB Class of 1977 | Wu LabProfessor, Harvard Medical School (Nobel Prize)