Irma Fernandez

Irma Fernandez featured in Cornell Research: Sirtuins and Their Link to Cancer

Irma Fernandez (2016) is featured on the Cornell Research page.  The article not only highlights Irma’s research on sirtuins (specifically SIRT5) and their relationship to cancer, but also the wide variety of techniques that she uses in her research.  Irma’s research is collaborative and interdisciplinary as is her thesis committee; she is mentored by Robert […]


4th Biennial BMCB-GGD Symposium

The BMCB-GGD Symposium is completely graduate student driven and organized.  It includes talks, discussion sessions, and a happy hour poster session. Talks will take place in G10 of the Biotechnology Building and the Poster Session will take place at the Big Red Barn.  To reserve your spot in the discussion sessions, get a free lunch […]

Bhargav Sanketi with his winning poster

Bhargav Sanketi (Class of 2017) won article Stem Cell Technology writing contest & Gordon Conference best poster

Bhargav Sanketi (Class of 2017) won an article writing contest held by Stem Cell Technologies.  He used the winnings to attend the Gordon Proteoglycans Conference and won best poster prize for his “Dissection of the gene regulatory network behind conserved mid-gut tilting controlled by Pitx2 and HC-HA/Tsg6 pathways”.

Kevin Hines uses tobacco as a model for solving potential food crises

Kevin, a BMCB graduate student in the lab of Maureen Hanson, is focused on increasing the efficiency of tobacco plants ability to turn atmospheric carbon dioxide into energy and biomass through photosynthesis with the goal of transferring this process to large-scale food crops.   You can access the full article about Kevin’s research, including use of […]

Yi Wen working in lab

Yi Wen wins Mann Award for HIV Research

Yi Wen, graduate student in the labs of Gerald Feigenson and Volker Vogt, has been chosen as the recipient of the 2018 Harry and Samuel Mann Outstanding Graduate Student Award for her research which is aimed at containing HIV.  Literally.  Read more about Yi Wen’s research and award here.

Aaron Joiner in lab

Aaron Joiner featured in Cornell Research: Grand Central Station of the Cell

Aaron Joiner (2014) — and his research! — were featured in an article in Cornell Research.   The article provides not only information about Aaron’s research but also some tips about graduate school!  Read the full article here.

BMCB supports students and applicants from Puerto Rico

The Field of BMCB joins the rest of the Cornell Community in offering support to students and applicants from Puerto Rico who continue the process of recovering from Hurricane Maria.  Faculty in the Field are participating in the Cornell University academic haven initiative for students from the University of Puerto Rico.   Additionally, recognizing the difficulty […]

Dr. Scott Emr

Scott Emr to Deliver 2017 Porter Lecture at the Annual ASCB/EMBO meeting in Philadelphia

Dr. Scott D. Emr has been chosen to give the 2017 Keith Porter Lecture at the ASCB/EMBO Meeting that will take place in December 2017 in Philadelphia.  He is the Frank H.T. Rhodes Class of 1956 Professor of Molecular Biology & Genetics as well as the Director of the Weill Institute for Cell and Molecular […]

Maria Liberti

Maria Liberti awarded National Cancer Institute F99/K00 Fellowship

Maria Liberti (2013) was awarded a Predoctoral to Postdoctoral Fellowship from the NCI entitled “Metabolic and Genetic Heterogeneity in Cancer”. Her PhD work has focused on therapeutic targeting of enzymes that differentially regulate the Warburg Effect – a form of glucose metabolism commonly observed in cancers – and determining the anti-tumor efficacy. Thus far, her studies […]

Debadrita Bhattacharya, wins “Best Poster” at the Cornell Stem Cell Symposium

Debadrita Bhattacharya, a second year student in the Simoes-Costa Lab, won “Best Poster” at the Cornell Stem Cell Symposium. Her poster was on “the pluripotency factor Lin28A modulates the neural crest gene regulatory network”.