About Cornell BMCB

As one of the largest graduate programs in the biological sciences at Cornell University, the Field of BMCB is an umbrella program with strengths in multi-disciplinary research, including biochemistry and structural biology, cell biology, developmental biology, molecular genetics and genomics.

The BMCB program has earned continuous support from the National Institutes of Health for over 30 years in the form of a pre-doctoral Training Grant in Cellular and Molecular Biology.  This training grant, together with multiple prestigious internal fellowships, enables us to provide robust support to the training of our graduate students.

The Field of BMCB enrolls 15-20 students each year and has 70 participating faculty spanning 15 departments and institutes.  The Field of BMCB is administered by the Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics, and is guided and supported by the Director of Graduate Studies, Chris Fromme, and the Graduate Field Assistants, Casey Moore, Vicki Shaff, and Ginger Tomassini.