The Graduate Field of Biochemistry, Molecular, and Cell Biology
at Cornell University provides top-ranking,
multidisciplinary training in diverse aspects of biological and biomedical sciences.

The Graduate Field of Biochemistry,
Molecular, and Cell Biology

Viewed broadly, the research focus of the Field of BMCB is to uncover the fundamental chemical, biochemical, molecular biological, and cell biological principles that govern all forms of life.

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Our graduate community is made up of committed, enthusiastic researchers who are expanding knowledge about biological processes, as well as educating and inspiring others in regard to scientific inquiry.


There are many reasons why I chose to join BMCB at Cornell for my graduate studies. I was attracted to the Graduate Field system at Cornell, which I believe helps to foster interdisciplinary and collaborative research across departments. Additionally, I knew I would be able to explore different types of research in BMCB since the faculty members study a wide range of topics using many different techniques. Read more.

I joined the BMCB program at Cornell because it provided a stimulating academic environment that fostered collaborations between labs. I noticed how the atmosphere between students was friendly and open to dialogue. Ithaca is a very welcoming town that encourages uniqueness/diversity, thus, transitioning from a big city to a small town was easier than expected.  Read more.

Originally from the appropriately named small town of Hamlet, NC, I earned my undergraduate degree in general Biology from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.  I chose to apply to Cornell because of the breadth and depth of research opportunities within the field of BMCB, and because of this institution’s tradition of academic excellence. Read more.

Our nurturing environment combined with rigorous training and guidance prepares students for successful careers as independent research scientists.

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