Mini Courses Offered Spring 2015

Title: Receptor-Based Signaling In Plants
Instructor: June Nasrallah

Description: This mini-course will focus on recent studies of receptor-based signaling in plants with a focus on the reproductive phase of plant development.

Meeting Pattern: Three 2-hour sessions to be held once a week. Day and time will be determined to accommodate participants' schedule. Organizational meeting: TBA

Title: Current Research in Genomics
Instructor: Dave Lin

Description: Students will debate the pros and cons of current issues in genomics. Debates will be moderated by Cornell faculty, and are based upon papers provided by the moderators.
Areas to be debated include: Pharmacogenomics: Single cell genomics; CNVs; the protein interactome.

Meeting Pattern: TBD

Title: Stem Cells and Cancer
Instructor: Robert Weiss

Description: This course will be organized as a journal club involving multiple stem cells laboratories on campus that have expressed interest in participating. Presentations of primary research papers will be done by members of these and other laboratories, while faculty from these laboratories and all other participants, including enrolled students, will contribute to critique and discussion. This journal club will feature 5 x 1.5 hrs sessions that deal with basic cell and developmental stem cell biology (using all model organisms), cancer, and the connection of stem cells with cancer and aging. Specific papers are chosen by a faculty moderator for that session and are circulated to all participants one week in advance.

Expectations for enrolled students: Presenting a paper is not expected. Students will be required to attend the presentations and actively participate in the discussion. At the end of the course, students will be asked to write a 2-page paper based on the material discussed in class. The paper will describe a unifying concept that emerged from at least 3 of the 5 presented papers, identifying the concept and its significance, defining a related question/hypothesis, and placing the proposed hypothesis in the context discussed in class. The second page will contain up to three Specific Aims to experimentally address the hypothesis, with strategy, expected outcomes and interpretation. The paper is due on May 15th. Grading is S/U.

Meeting Pattern: The class will meet from noon to 1:30 pm on the following Thursday dates: January 22 - organizational meeting and 1st session; February 19; March 19; April 23; May 7


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